Waste-to-value system

GBS group offers mobile waste valorisation services and can process waste right at the producer’s grounds or civic amenity sites.

Companies in the waste collection and separation industry are left with a leftover waste that cannot be placed and processed any further and usually ends up in landfills. This waste, however, has fantastic energetic properties and can be processed into secondary solid or alternative solid fuels with our mobile recycling unit. We issue you with R3 – confirmation of valorisation (material valorisation) or R12 (processing before the following actions R1 to R11) for all collected waste.


We process waste from:

Civic amenity sites
Waste collection companies
Producer responsibility organisations
Organisations, firms and companies
Individuals, citizens


Separated waste from the separated waste collection
High volume plastic waste and hard plastic
High volume wooden and biomass waste
Fillings, shavings, cuttings, waste timber, chipboards, veneering sheets
Paper and cardboard packagings
Plastic packagings
Obaly z dreva
Wooden packagings
Zmiešané obaly
Composite packagings
Mixed packagings
Plastic materials
Paper and cardboard
Multi-layered combined cardboard materials (cardboard composites)
High volume waste
Agriculture, gardening, forestry, hunting, fishing and aquafarming waste and waste from food production and processing
Wood processing waste and waste from the production of paper, cardboard, cellulose, timber and furniture
Waste from leather, fur and textile industry
Waste from organic chemical processes
Waste packaging, absorbents, cleaning cloths, filtration materials and protective clothing without further specification
Waste without other specification in this catalogue
Building waste and demolition waste, including contaminated excavation soil
Waste from waste processing sites, sewage plant waste and waste from water treatment facilities
Municipal waste (household waste and the like from trade, industry and institutions)

A list of valorised waste types by catalogue numbers